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Who We Are

MONT is one of 16 National Science Foundation supported user facility sites at universities across the US. These 16 sites are collectively known as the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI). With the pooled resources of the NNCI, MONT is able to aid any user in finding just the right tools and experts needed.

The labs comprising the MONT Facilityat MSU are:

The Montana Microfabrication Facility(MMF)

The Imaging and Chemical Analysis Laboratory(ICAL) 

The Center for Biofilm Engineering(CBE)

The Proteomics, Metabolomics and Mass Spectroscopy Facility  (Mass Spec)

The Sample Preparation Facility (prepLab)

The cryo-EM facility (cryo-EM)

These multidisciplinary facilities are housed at MSU’s Bozeman campus. They are supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation (Grant# ECCS-2025391) . 

For downloadable brochures about our facilities click here


MonArk Quantum Foundry logo MONT is working with the MonArk Quantum Foundry, building bridges to 2D quantum material pipelines (2D-QMaP). MonArk  is developing two prototypes of a 2D-QMaP.  One 2D-QMaP will be at Montana State University and one will be at the University of Arkansas. The 2D-QMaPs will be developed to provide automated capabilities that unite and accelerate the three primary stages of sample preparation and device fabrication for 2D quantum materials research. Click here for more details about MonArk and 2D-QMaP.

Our Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions:

   How do I acknowledge MONT and what logos should I use?

    It is critically important to acknowledege MONT's NSF support in any products that have benefitted from the use of MONT facilities. Click here for citation info.

Is there funding available if I am an external or new user?

We have funds available for Research Initiation Grants for external users, new users of MONT and for novel reserach lines. Find more information at this link.