Female student lab worker using lab equipment

Male student lab worker using lab equipment

Looking for undergraduate research assistant

Our lab is working to expand our ability to harness light to make images, potentially impacting how we do cancer diagnoses and even how we build new phone cameras. We are making “smart” mirrors that can scan or focus abeam of light, or even help to correct our vision. Current projects are especially focused on health care (cancerdetection) and laser radar (LIDAR one technology that is paving the way for self-driving cars).

Students workingwith us on research will learn about microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) -small machines with electroniccontrol-includinghow we design and build them. They can also learn about microfabrication, which is thetechnology that allows us to build the MEMS devices in clean room labs here at MSU.

Anappealing feature aboutlearning microfabrication -you don’t need a lot of calculus and physics! High school chemistry and physics islikely enough to prepare you to learn how to “process” silicon wafers and build cool devices!We routinely hirefreshmen and sophomores to help with our research. What we DO look for is students who are curious,motivated, responsible, and able to do careful work with careful documentation.

We also hope our students willbe excited to work on new technology that can change how we build our cameras and microscopes, and theways that we can “see” the world around us (from cancer cells to pedestrians along the highway).

Photo of a lab worker holding microfabrication equipment

Close up photo of microfabrication equipment


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