This is a compilation of available resources for educators. Most are middle to high school level, unless indicated. Several of these resources were created by our colleagues at other NSF NNCI supported universities across the US. Other resources are not affiliated with MONT or Montana State University. We’d like to thank the many organizations that have created these materials.


NNCI Curriculum

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The NNCI has several great lessons for middle and high school students.

Nanotechnology in STEM

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With the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College, we have developed a Nanotechnology in STEM resource for teachers.


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Our NNCI coordinating office has a list of searchable k-16 materials and demonstration guides.


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Nanooze is a magazine created by our colleagues at Cornell University.  Feel free to download or request free copies! Suitable for k-4.


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Our NNCI partners at SENIC at Georgia Tech have a nice list of resources that includes a list of 10 minute activities as well as a size and scale poster.


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TryNano is a website specifically geared for high school students and teachers who want to learn about nanotechnology.

NISE Network

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The NISE Network is a community of researchers and informal science educators focused on nanoscale science. NISE provides several hands-on activities. Includes k-4 activities.


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NanoTube showcases researchers with a broad range of nanotechnology expertise in fields from medicine to environmental applications.


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NanoSense is geared for educators who want to use activities for high school students.


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Tapping Triboelectric Nanogenerator is a great activity for any student wishing to explore cutting edge techniques in nanotechnology.

Continuing Education

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MSU offers a Master of Science in Science Education, a unique online and campus-based program for science educators. MONT supports two courses in the program.

CNSI Education

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CNSI maintains a network of UCLA scientists and researchers to create exciting nanoscience curricula and helps educators teach fundamental concepts through workshops.



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Nano@stanford, or nanoscience summer institute for middle school teachers, is a five day workshop that deepens an understanding in nanoscience and instructional practices.


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Type ‘nano’ in the search bar of this site, cK-12.


Understanding Nanotechnology: Level by Level

When teaching elementary, middle, or high school students about nanotechnology, the approach will have to change based on the student's development and understanding of scientific concepts. This video from Wired shows a great example of what concepts are taught to a student from a young child to an nanotechnology expert.