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Our research spans the fields of solid-state,
physical, and materials chemistry; we explore new synthesis routesto carbon-basedenergy storage materials. We have a special fondness for materials with molecular channelsbuilt into their structure, allowing for interesting chemistry to take place inside. These materials are used tostore energy-richfuels like hydrogen and can also be used as the electrodes in batteries or supercapacitors.



zeolite templated carbon most zoomed out

zeolite templated carbon zoomed in further

zeolite templated carbon zoomed in further

zeolite templated carbon the most zoomed in

Zeolite-templatedcarbon (ZTC) is a material of great interest to our group. Transmission electronmicroscopy reveals its atomic structure at the ~1 nm (10-9meters) length scale. Further computational modellingprovides an understanding of the finer details, at <1 Å(10-10meters) resolution.

Undergraduate researchers of many diverse backgrounds undertake research projects in our group: fromelectrical engineers to chemical engineers, chemists, geologists, mechanical engineers, and computer scientists.

We have a demanding, but fun(and safety)oriented research environment, designed to ensure thatevery student has a unique research topic and scientific hypothesis.

Relevant MONT facilities: electron microscopy, various spectroscopic techniques, and deposition/sputtering.Prerequisites: interests in energy storage and a willingness to learn new things.


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