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2D quantum materials pipelines (2D-QMaPs) The 2D-QMaPs in development will provide automated capabilities that unite and accelerate the three primary stages of sample preparation and device fabrication for 2D quantum materials research.

Sample prep



Other MonArk
Nano Optical Microscope Imaging All Imaging Optical MonArk
Quantum Optical Microscoope Metrology/Characterization All Imaging Optical MonArk


If you are interested in using any of these tools, please email the facility that the tool falls under. A member of said facility will get back to as soon as possible.




Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE)


Imaging and Chemical Analysis Laboratory (ICAL)


Montana Microfabrication Facility (MMF)


Proteomics, Metabolomics, Mass Spectrometry Facility (Mass Spec)



MonArk Quantum Foundry


Sample prepLab